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About me
About Me
BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! Just escape and let go of the pressures and stresses of work and life! I have created the perfect environment of tranquility and solitude. Not to mention some nice muscle and a pretty face for you to look at.

ALL of my clients are treated with respect and professionalism. In return I expect the same from my clients.

CALL OR TEXT 508.444.2981


Hi, I'm Sean. I have over 10 years of experience as a CMT and 12 year experience with personal training I have numerous clientele from all walks of life, anyone from male and female celebs and CEOs to other fellow massage therapists. I'm also a fitness/life coach, a print model for Versace and Calvin Klein, and a feature film actor. My latest role was as Christian Bale's stand-in for The Dark Knight.

At 5'11" and 175 lbs I am well built to provide the firm pressure needed to kneed out all those awful knots.


My massage offers a combination of both physical and emotional relaxation. I believe that a session should combine the best of both worlds.

My massage offers an entire spectrum of pressures. This results in an intense yet extremely calming feeling. I use three different types of pressure in my massage. My intention is to knead out all those awful knots and then calm the muscles into relaxation. I start deep, add a touch of Swedish and end with a feather-like touch. I then finishing with a little trigger-point and reflexology.

What I offer you is a voyage to spiritual peace and relaxation; I am looking to loosen your mind and body and ease the stress brought on by the daily chores of life.

Each massage session is tailored to the specific needs and requests of the client. If you'd like, I can skip certain muscle groups and body parts and put more focus on others.

AGAIN, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! Dealing with people and endless tasks in your work or personal life can be very cumbersome, not to mention annoying and irritating. Take some time FOR YOU and get away from all of that nonsense for a change.


When the connective tissue that surrounds a muscle tightens it restricts movement in the muscle and can put pressure on the surrounding nerves which creates pain. A massage softens the tissue which then allows it to return the muscle towards its original range of motion ability thereby taking pressure off the nerves leading to a reduction in pain.


The massage room is a personal design of my creation to maximize relaxation both visually and emotionally.

I have created a HAWAIIAN ESCAPE JUST FOR YOU! complete with numerous species of large palms surrounding a comfortable memory foam massage table your body is sure to melt into! I have included indoor fountains, orchids, a star light ceiling and I even have a Moon! Yes, I have a Moon!


The table is a Chicago Master Massage table which has different layers for maximum comfort. These layers consist of a memory foam, a digitally heated warming cover followed by a fleece cover for both the body and face. Yum Yum!!

Come visit me now!


I'm available 9am to 12am Daily.

508-444-2981 Call or Text now! Be sure to leave a massage!


Session Options:

*Couple massages/dual massages (two people back to back)
*Multiple short massages for events such as parties and gatherings

ALL of my clients are treated with respect and professionalism. In return I expect the same from my clients.
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508 (444) 2981
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Los Angeles, CA 91423
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14 Years
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  • Reflexology
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