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Dark sight

About me
Dark sight
About Me

I do therapiutic massage , always happy to see you. Using massage tabe or bed.
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918 (234) 3421
Australian Capital Territory
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10 Years
  • Anma
  • Body Electric
  • Hakomi
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Biotone Massage Oil
  • Lotus Touch Lotion
  • Soothing Touch Massage Cream
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1 day
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    • Current rating: 2.7
    • Total votes: 3
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  • Not sutissfied

    A LITTLE WAKE UP CALL AS A FAVOR. While Alanis charming, handsome and a good masseur...I must draw something to his attention. He apparently encountered traffic on the way to the appointment which made him 20 minutes late. Not in itself the end of the world, although I did have to reach out to find out the problem and he should have beat me to it. The real stickety wicket was that he announced 35 minutes into my session that he had to go his next appointment... with the result that a scant 40 minutes after arriving he was out the door. Before writing this review, I seriously considered taking his youth and a slight language barrier into consideration but have decided against it. Twenty-four years of age is plenty old enough to know that if you feel you are only going to be able to provide 40 minutes of a 60 minute session you must apologize, lay your cards on the table, and propose a solution, such as a prorated fee. I'm not saying I would have accepted this proposal, but I certainly should have been asked. I also did not get any sense that he had contacted his next appointment to explain that he was 20 minutes behind. The clear implication was that the following client, perhaps a regular, was someone for whom a timely arrival would have to come at the expense of my session. A third of a session is quite a lot. Alan is magnificent and oozing with unstudied charm, but I am doing him a favor by reminding him not to let his success go to his head. Stay professional, stay humble, step up to the plate and take responsibility for life's little mishaps and you will go far
    Alan / Apr 29, 2017 20:35
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