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Deep tissue e, sensual masage
About me
About Me
Hey guys, Friendly and professional masseur looking to give you the best massage. I will tailor each massage to your preferences on pressure used in the massage, using stronger pressure or as light as needed. Trained and skillful in most basic modalities; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology. I use medium pressure and deeper pressure on the larger muscles. I'm well trained and skilled in massage therapy and comprehends the mechanics of the human body.For athletes of every kind, each therapeutic massage is specific to your sport of choice, with focus on a particular troublesome area like a knee or shoulder.

Warm, quiet, clean studio, quality table and lotion. Shower available .Starting with body stretching, then into some Swedish, moving to deep tissue in problem areas. and is developed from studying the below types of massages. I can use light, medium, or stronger pressure in the massage. With oil or not, it's up to you. 

give me a call or text me if you would like to setup an appointment.
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180 cm
200 kg
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Bodybuilders
  • Dancers
  • First time clients
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  • Seniors
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Contact Details
Phone number
202 (573) 8966
United States
New York
New York City
350 west 50 st
Zip code
About his massage
Massage experience
3 Years
  • 4 hands massage
  • Esalen
  • Feldenkrais Method
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Pfrimmer
  • Reiki
  • Sensory Repatterning
  • Sensual
  • Shiatsu
  • Steam Massage
  • AVEDA massage lotion
  • AVEDA massage oil
  • Kiehl’s Body Lotion
  • Lotus Touch Lotion
Advanced Notice
Any time
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  • Cash
  • Check
  • Paypal
  • Vimeo
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  • Not bad for a biginner

    Alyk is a great masseur who delivered an outstanding massage. It's rare to find someone who delivers a great massage. The massage itself feels great with his strong pressure used during the massage. He is a true healer and provides a great massage. Thanks Alyk!
    Mark / Jan 29, 2018 13:42
  • Amazing!

    I was able to get an appointment from Alyk very quickly. He was willing to book me early in the morning. His massage technique is excellent, it was a combo of deep tissue . He was very willing to change pressures on the areas I needed it and relax on the more tender muscles. After the massage, I felt I was able to breath easier, he really massaged out all of the knots in my shoulder, legs, and feet. Would book another massage from him any day.
    Jake / Jan 31, 2018 06:42
  • Thank you Alyk

    He really spends time massaging deeply into every knot in my back and shoulders. I have only had 2 massages in my life where I felt great afterwards. A massage from him was one of them. Nice work.
    Steve / Feb 01, 2018 01:46
  • The massage was amazing.

    Alykl is an extraordinary find, in this city of many choices. First, his being—he's tranquil, calming, and very centered. Which means the massage is completely focused on you. Second, he's an extraordinary craftsman—his technique, pressure, and strokes are relaxing. He works deep, and with great care. You can tell he loves what he does, as much as he has talent for what he does. The massage was amazing. Throughout the massage he checked in with me as to how I was feeling and whether the pressure was ok. He's conversant on many topics, traveled extensively and has a terrific sense of humor. Third, he's very intelligent—conversant in many topics, a gifted conversationalist, well-travelled, and an old soul. (He can also be completely silent, should you not want to talk at all). All that said, words don't quite describe the experience.
    Donnyc / Feb 08, 2018 03:03
  • No techniqe

    The massage had no technique, he pressed on the bone, not the muscle and leaned heavily on my lower back with his elbow during the massage. Halfway through, he asked if I would upgrade to 90 minutes. When I declined, the massage then ended quickly in 35 minutes even though we had scheduled an hour. Finally, he had the gall to ask me for a tip when the price had been agreed tip-inclusive. I'm the type of guy who things even a bad massage is a good massage, but this guy either should be expunged from rentmasseur or placed in the rm hall of shame. It was that bad
    Eric / Feb 10, 2018 22:55
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